The Legend of Dad is a speed running adventure game. You have to help baby Seb get his milk before he gets too hungry. Use the energy drinks to give you an extra boost. Can you find all the keys and get to the milk before the time runs out?

The game was made in HTML5 with the Phaser game engine. It was created over a period of 5 days for the #LowRezJam.

Unfortunately I didn't have the time to add sound/ music - but otherwise I'm pleased with how it turned out.

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorBinary Moon
Made withAseprite, Tiled, Phaser
TagsAction-Adventure, Pixel Art, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes


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Fun, My dad actually came back with the milk, so unrealistic *sob*

i did it with 15 seconds left and-

there should be a speedrun thing for this-

Awesome - great time!

Making it speed-runable would be fun. What would need to change/ be added for that to be a thing?

leaderboard maybe?? not sure @_@ i dont speedrun but this game was so fun i just had to try

This was really nice to play. I loved all the little secret areas too! thank you so much for making this game 


Great game. Unfortunately, I was too slow. Still had a blast!

Great game!


CAN U MAKE THIS DOWNLOADABLE?oops caps lock was on

I'd love to but I'm afraid not. That would take a lot of effort, and since the game is very small, and not played by many people - it's not worth the time it would take.

If you want to play it offline, you could use the app and download the game in there. 

ok thx btw 10 out of ten game

I liked this! Thanks for making it.

Fun one!

Can't find the key to the milk in the shed

Finally found how to find all three with four seconds left

Glad you got it in the end! :)

It's possible to do it quicker - just takes a bit of practice!

Very well-done game. ...I keep losing... But still, very well done

I'm really not sure if I have to do anything with the patches in the water.

I cannot seem to get the last milk

You're right - the comment on the dark water was a red herring.

The last milk is the one in the shed? You probably need to get the milk in the hidden area. You can find it by walking through some of the trees in the area to the left of the one with the sign post. Come out of the house, go up through the garden to the main landscape with the sign post. Then left. You can walk through some of the trees in here.


Love the artwork, and the way the game scrolls to adjoining rooms is really nice!

"your milk is in another castle"
very good, jolly good

he hee :)

Haha, yeah, I loved that reference! Great game!

Nice ! Controls, camera, goal understanding... Neat, except this is all blurry for me :[ (Safari 9.0.1 / MacOSX 10.11.1)

Hi Charles. Thanks for the feedback - really pleased the game worked (mostly) ok for you :)

Seems there was an issue with the html5 canvas scaling. I had removed the sampling in Chrome but it wasn't working in all other browsers. I've now tested Safari and updated a fix. Hopefully it's working for you now?

We used this technique for pixel-perfect scaling with Phaser:

Essentially, render the game to a 64x64 canvas and then copy the image into a scaled version. This disables click events, though. :)

thanks for the link. I'll take a look.

I opted to disable smoothing then use css to disable the blurring. The problem before is that I had only tested it in Chrome. I think it works everywhere now :)