Big Update

So the #LowRezJam is over and I came 18th overall! That's awesome - I've been really pleased with how the game has been received - thanks to everyone who voted!

While the voting was happening I spent some time addressing some of the most common issues and trying to fix a few bugs I had noticed. Below are the details of what has changed.

The most common request was to try again with the keyboard - so now there's a 'space to restart' option. This saves you from having to switch to  the mouse just to play again.

Next up - I tweaked the collision a bit. The game uses a tile system to lay out the track, and so all the collision is square - however a lot of the tiles are organic (not square). So now, when you collide the game checks to see if the tile next to you is empty, and if it is it moves you into it. This means you should crash less, and slide around objects more - keeping the race going and hopefully feeling a bit fairer.

I also fixed a small bug with the water collision where, in some situations, you could ski across the water without sinking.

Visually I have updated some of the animations and added some more animations. The player now has more turning animations so that the rotation from forwards, to left/ right is smoother.

I also tweaked the colours and tile designs to try and make the game look more consistent in terms of how I used the colours, and so that things looked as I intended. Maybe now people will stop saying they crashed into the rocks (they're trees! :))

Finally I tweaked the layout of the track. I added more arrows to make it clear where you should be going and added things like shadows to make things like the jumps clearer.

Here's a video of me completing the race - just to prove it's possible. This wasn't  a perfect run - I've now managed to do it in around 31 seconds! :)

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